What they wanted

One Athletic’s old site was outdated with a very slow response time showing an average page load speed of +9 seconds. The eCommerce platform was struggling to process and deliver a seamless UX browse to checkout journey. In addition to this, site and platform functionality was limited which was reflected by a high bounce rate of ~60-70%. With Black Friday looming One Athletic were fearful of losing sales to more agile online competitors.

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What we did

As one of the world’s leading eCommerce platforms, Shopify is attracting more and more big-brand names to its impressive collection of clients. Some of the biggest enterprises in the fashion industry are thriving on Shopify so for an ambitious and fast-growing fashion brand like One Athletic it was the perfect fit. The HJ Shopify team delivered a seamless eCommerce platform migration from WooCommerce to Shopify. At the same time our expert HJ creative and UX team produced a slick, modern online store based around One Athletic’s brand ethos, business goals and their consumer’s journey.

What happened

The new One Athletic website was successfully migrated. designed, built, tested and launched weeks before the Black Friday deadline. The immediate positive impact of our eCommerce improvements on user experience and sales was staggering.

  • Average page load time reduced by
  • 57%, from 9 seconds to 3.8 seconds.
  • Bounce rate reduced by 26%.
  • The number of site users increased by 18%, as has the average session duration.
  • The number of pages visited per session has increased to by 59%.