Helping Rezon keep your head in the game

Helping Rezon keep your head in the game

When Judith McMinn engaged in high-contact sports, she would ask: 'Why do you protect your shins and your teeth, but not your brain?' but couldn’t get an answer. And, after searching the market for a solution around brain protection, her searches came up empty. This empowered Judith to found Rezon, a sportswear company that specialises in developing headgear to protect the brain against both linear and rotational forces during contact sports, reducing brain trauma by up to 61%.

The expert team at Rezon says the brain is overlooked in sport, with the focus being primarily below the neck, when it comes to protection and the focus around performance. This means that the most important organ in the body is often left unchecked and unprotected and is typically only acknowledged post injury.

Angled impacts to the head (from head to ground, ball, elbow, knee etc) cause the brain to rotate inside the skull. This causes brain cells to shear and blood vessels to be torn, causing disruption to what’s called the ‘blood brain barrier’. This results in inflammation which damages the brain and increases the risk of long-term neurodegenerative conditions such as Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE).

This is where Rezon comes in.

After two years of extensive research and development, Rezon’s first product to market was the Halos, a sports headband that protects the brain from concussions and sub-concussive impacts by reducing the rotational forces that cause the brain to rotate. Halos is the first protective sports headband of its kind with a legally approved CE mark, which is the internationally recognised safety standard.

As a start-up business, Rezon faced the same hurdles many other start-ups do in obtaining accessible legal advice to protect their idea, gain additional financing and bring their product to market. Luckily we were on-hand to draft manufacturing agreements, secure trademark protection and support with launching an investment round. The Harper James Enterprise subscription plan is a great fit for a start-up such as Rezon as they benefit from one hour of free legal support per month with access to discounted hourly rates across our complete range of legal services.

When asked about working with Harper James, Rezon’s Founder and CEO, Judith McMinn, said:

I was referred to Harper James and told that they were the law firm for entrepreneurs. As a start-up, the Enterprise Plan works very well for us. It allows us to quickly access the legal services we need without spending a fortune.

'Working together on our investment round, securing trademarks and manufacturing agreements was a seamless and easy process.'

Each solicitor I worked with understood exactly what we needed to take Rezon to the next step and ensure that our brand is protected globally.

Rezon continues to champion brain protection for athletes of all abilities and raise awareness on the effects of CTE and other brain trauma caused by high-contact sports globally, with a customer base that stretches to Europe, United States, Australia and more.

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