Helping Plumm rebrand: Why getting the right legal support is the name of the game

Helping Plumm rebrand: Why getting the right legal support is the name of the game

An award winning online therapy platform has paid tribute to Harper James Solicitors for the ‘reassuring’ support which helped them through a milestone moment in their business’ journey. Plumm Health, which previously traded as Healingclouds, turned to our team for expert advice as they planned and executed a name-change for their growing business. 

Asim Amin, the founder of Plumm, explained: ‘This rebrand marked a significant new chapter in our journey.  We wanted to make clear how we’ve evolved and that our team, both internally and externally, has grown and become more global.'

‘There were three things we wanted to keep in mind as we went through the process. One, we wanted a name that would resonate with our audience. Two, we wanted a name that would be unique and memorable. And thirdly we wanted a name where both the trademark and domain were available.’

That’s where we stepped in. Corporate Associate Callum Gilliker drafted the necessary director and shareholder resolutions and submitted the change to Companies House. We also ensured

‘Callum was very helpful, prompt and thorough with his approach,’ Amin added. ‘He made the process extremely seamless for us. It was a great experience overall. I’ve been using HJS services for many years now and would highly recommend them because of their excellent customer service, fair pricing and the broad range of quality solicitors.'

He urged other businesses going through a name change to make sure they have legal support in place.

‘This is a big change, so do your homework,’ he advised. ‘And do get professional help from the get-go as it costs much more time and money to fix things later.’

Ensuring your business has the right name is vital to ensure you stand out from the crowd, from competitors and to ensure you connect well with clients and customers. During the pandemic more entrepreneurs were grappling with the process of coming up with the right moniker. In the UK alone more than 835,000 new businesses were registered in the year to January 2021, which is up 41 per cent on the previous 12 month. Over in America it was six-times higher, with a staggering four million businesses created. This name-boom in itself has created a number of new businesses with scores of companies now offering to help come up with a name for you and then go about registering it. However, it is vital businesses get legal services support as well.

Commenting on the support our solicitors can provide in this area Callum Gilliker added:

'At various points in a company’s life, and especially during a rebrand, it will be necessary to formalise certain changes – changes of address, directors, name, etc. We’re able to quickly and efficiently ensure these changes are properly adopted, including at Companies House. Authorisations are appropriately sought, and contracts are checked for restrictions. While a rebrand can be an exciting time it is important to ensure that things are done properly so nothing needs to be – perhaps embarrassingly – revisited at a later stage.’

Plumm, which has seen demand for its services soar during the pandemic, is in good company with regards its name change. Some of the world’s biggest brands have changed their names in the past. Global sandwich shop chain Subway was called Pete's Super Submarines for its first two years from 1965 to 1967. Facebook was initially Thefacebook. In 2018 Weight Watchers changed its name to WW. That same year Wal-Mart dropped the hyphen to become Walmart and Pepsi was originally called Brad's Drink.

If you would like to find out more about Plumm and Asim Amin, CEO and Founder, see our meet the client article.

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